4th of July Scrapbook Layouts

I love creating 4th of July scrapbook layouts....

The brilliant red and true blues are some of my favorite colors and the list of topics to scrap on is virtually endless (and can sometimes take the entire summer to complete).

So, let's consider the following a "starter" list of ideas for your 4th of July scrapbook layouts:

  • Soldiers
  • Family
  • Fireworks
  • Picnics/Cookouts
  • Flags
  • History
  • Soldiers

    Military Layout Sketch
    More than ever before, we need to honor our men and women in uniform. Whether you have a son, daughter, mother, father, husband or wife that is serving (or has served) their country, they deserve a special 4th of July scrapbook layout that everyone can see.

    Specifically, create a scrapbook layout featuring various pictures of your loved one and then frame it for display in your family/living room.

    For example, in conjunction with the sketch above (click on the image to enlarge), you could use some of the following pictures to create a very classy layout:

  • Soldier in his/her dress uniform
  • Graduating from basic and/or advanced training
  • At the front gate of their first post
  • Picture with you the day they get deployed and/or the day they return
  • Picture from a promotion/retirement ceremony
  • As embellishments, you could include a medal they received or the military branch's insignia/motto.


    I am very nostalgic and, now that I have children of my own, it blows my mind that I'm taking pictures of them on my grandparents' front steps - just like my parents did when I was little.

    Do you have a similar situation?

    You could create a layout (2-page will probably work best) that displays pictures of you and your children in the same location. I like to call it the "Then and Now" layout (click on the image to enlarge).

    Then and Now Layout Sketch

    Slightly antique the "Then" section to signify how things used to be and keep the "Now" section clean and simple to reflect the "newness" of your children.


    Of course, you can't have the 4th of July without fireworks, but how many of you out there have had a devil of a time actually getting a picture of them?! Are you ready to take on the challenge of getting pictures of the fireworks?

    Here are a few hints and tips (from our resident expert) on getting action shots at night!

  • For 35mm cameras, you want to make sure you have a fast f-stop (2 or better) and are using a high-speed film (400 or 800).
  • For digital cameras, use the night mode and high speed ISO setting. You may also need a tripod.
  • Good luck!!

    Also, do you always go to a particular spot to watch the fireworks? Why? Where? What special memories do you have of this spot? Don't forget to include that special information in your 4th of July scrapbook layouts.


    Does your Mom make a wicked tuna macaroni salad? Does your Mother-in-Law make the best fruit salad east of the Mississippi? Does your Aunt (or Uncle) make fantastic deviled eggs?

    The list of foods that you look forward to on the 4th can go on and on. So, why not make a 4th of July scrapbook layout of your family picnic and include the recipes for some of your family's traditional Independence Day dishes?


    Pearl Harbor MemorialOn the 4th of July, houses are adorned and streets are lined with Old Glory.

    So, for something completely different, create a 4th of July scrapbook layout made up solely of different pictures of the flag from your neighborhood.

    The one hanging on your house...from your town's parade...your child waving one during the fireworks...or attached to a the back of a motorcycle.

    There are countless opportunities to get pictures of the flag on the 4th, so show your true colors and celebrate the flag!!

    As part of the layout, don't forget to include the lyrics to "The Pledge of Allegiance" or "The Star Spangled Banner".


    Are you celebrating America's birthday in our Nation's Capital or Philadelphia - two cities rich in this country's history?

    Create a layout that features pictures of historical landmarks and doubles as a history lesson by journaling about the historical significance of the location (e.g., Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Mount Vernon, etc.).

    If you participate in historical re-enactments, consider having a friend/family member snap some pictures of you in full regalia, as well as during the re-enactment itself. For journaling, describe the event you're participating in and what part you play in it.

    Happy Scrapping!

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