Hauntingly Fantastic...
Halloween Scrapbook Layouts

Creating Halloween scrapbook layouts doesn't have to be as difficult as picking out a costume for you or your children.

In fact, with my pre-made kits, all you have to do is add pictures!

So...instead of spending time looking for the perfect scrapbook paper, you can concentrate on hitting all the Halloween parties and spending time with your little ghouls.

If you're looking for ideas on halloween scrapbook layouts, check out my articles below. Check back often as I'll be adding new articles throughout the month of October.

Happy Haunting!

Halloween Scrapbook Layout Colors

Are you a "traditionalist" or a "costume coordinator?" Share your thoughts on Halloween layout colors with scrapbookers from around the world!

I Want Candy (Digital)Scrapping Your Favorite Halloween Candy

Most of us went trick-or-treating when we were kids and we always had a favorite candy or at least a favorite type - fruity, chocolate, etc. So, why not create a Halloween scrapbook layout featuring your favorite Halloween candy?

Scrap Your Halloween Decorations

If you ask ten people what holiday they're most likely to decorate their house for, most are going to say Christmas. But…there are some out there that will proudly say Halloween. So, don't hide the fact that you put a haunted village on your mantle on the first of October, create a Halloween decoration scrapbook layout around it!

Trick or TreatTrick or TreatTrick or Treat

Of all the sights and sounds of Halloween, seeing a child overcome with joy on their first Halloween is by far the best.

Are you looking for a Halloween scrapbook layout to show off your little pumpkin? My "Trick or Treat" layout has all the makings for a wonderful display. With dancing ghosts, candy corns and slime green, this layout just oozes Halloween.

The layout, designed to hold three 4" x 6" photos (two horizontal and one vertical) and one 4" x 4" photo, has been fashioned in the more traditional orange, black and green. I have also provided you with an ample amount of space to recount the spooky tales of All Hallow's Eve.

Click on image for larger view.

Halloween – Left PageHalloween – Right PageHalloween

Classy and creative in orange and black.

I just love the rich colors in this 12 x 12 Halloween scrapbook layout. In a departure from "Halloween" orange, this layout features colors like yam, cantaloupe and peach, and a classy stripe pattern to complement the spooky spider webs.

Can't help but click away on Halloween? Not to worry… There is plenty of room for all of your pictures. This layout includes three 4" x 4", two 4" x 6" and one 5" x 7" photo mats.

Click on image for larger view.