Beach Scrapbook Layouts

Beach scrapbook layouts allow us to capture the smell of the salty air and the gentle sea breeze in a 12x12 frame.

Is going to the beach a family tradition? Does your family have a beach house? Why not create a beach scrapbook layout based on some of the things that remind you of your summertime memories?

When you go somewhere frequently, you tend to take things for granted and it's easy to forget those things that make you love the place, so take a moment to stop and think about those things long enough to create a beach scrapbook layout.

For example… What are your favorite things to do at the beach (aside from getting a tan)?

  • Going to the boardwalk
  • Reading
  • Flying kites
  • Playing volleyball
  • Collecting Shells
  • Long walks on the beach at sunset
  • Building sandcastles
  • Going to the amusement park or playing mini-golf…
  • What are your favorite restaurants/foods to eat at the beach?

    Is there an item that you can't go home without? For me, it's boxes (and boxes) of saltwater taffy.

    Now that you're in the mindset of being aware of all the things you love, don't forget to actually take pictures of these things, as well as all other things "beach".

  • The kids building sandcastles, collecting shells or buried to their necks in sand (don't forget to get a picture of those cute little toes sticking out of the sand).
  • Your husband (trying desperately or successfully) surfing.
  • Your favorite kite shop.
  • The local candy store or your favorite restaurant (if they have a unique dish – get a picture of that…nothing is ever off limits when it comes to your memories).
  • If you go snorkeling, make sure to take a waterproof camera and get pictures of the beautiful underwater scenery.

    PHOTO TIP: Yes, disposable waterproof cameras are great, BUT watch that you don't get sunscreen-laden paw prints on the outer shell where the lens is located. Also, if you're just getting out of the water, try and wait to take any other pictures until you dry off the covering. Why?... Smudgy fingerprints and water droplets are great at doing one thing – creating blurry pictures.

    Happy Scrapping!