Children's Birthday Picture Checklist

A children's birthday picture checklist… After having hosted my sons' first birthday party with their friends from school, I've realized that the only way you're going to get the pictures you want, and accomplish your hosting duties, is to have a birthday picture checklist and designate someone as photographer for the day.

For those of you who are "control freaks" about your camera, and how pictures get taken, it will be OK. If you don't think you handle the thought of someone else capturing your memories, make sure someone else is running the show, but…also make sure you take a moment and enjoy the party. It's not every day your little one turns three, five…or 10.

Either way, as the pace of a birthday party can be hurried; it helps to have a real or mental birthday picture checklist. So, the following list is meant to be an idea starter (and is focused on children's parties):

  • Birthday Boy/Girl portrait
  • This is probably best done before the party gets started, so they're not totally wound up or covered in frosting!
  • Guests (portraits and group shots)
  • Challenging with small children…yes…impossible…no. My recommendation on the portraits is to get them while they're coming in the door. You can even make a game out of it – give them a sticker for having their picture taken.

    A group shot can be challenging in itself, but the key is to not get wrapped around the axle if you don't have "everyone" in the picture. If you get 75% of the kids in the shot, you're doing well. I feel these types of pictures are important, so you can have a visual record of your children's friends.

  • Cake/Cupcakes
  • Just the cake (or cupcakes) – before it gets devoured – especially if it's a character cake (Barbie, Bob the Builder, etc.) or took you a long time to make.
  • Birthday Boy/Girl eating cake or blowing out candles
  • One of the great experiences of being a parent is seeing your child eat their first birthday cake. The reaction to the frosting and squishing their hands into the confection. It's pure joy and deserves a few close-up pictures.
  • Birthday Boy/Girl opening presents
  • Whether you do this at the actual party or not, take the time to capture the reaction of your child opening their presents.
  • Presents (Before/After)
  • Why?... Remember, this isn't just a photo album. It's an heirloom for future generations and wouldn't it be cool to show your grandkids what toys were cool when their parents were young.
  • Games
  • Take pictures of games being played and if you have trivia sheets… keep a copy as a background for a games page. Keep track of who won each game too.
  • Decorations

  • Favors
  • Group all of your favors up in one spot and get a picture. I also had my boys hand out the favors to each of the guests and had my husband get pictures of them doing that.
  • Table (decorated) pre- and with kids

  • Food
  • Whether it is pizza, fruit salad, nuggets or goldfish, this will give future generations (and your own children) some insight into your child's favorites at that age.
  • Location
  • If the party isn't being held at your house, take a picture of the location, whether it is the zoo, the Aquarium or a special restaurant.
  • Balloons
  • Some of these pictures may sound a little strange, but they could make a perfect background for a vellum journaling block or as a digital background.

    I hope you find this birthday picture checklist useful. If you have any ideas of your own that you'd like to share, I'll be more than happy to add them to my list (see form below), so all can benefit. Stay "tuned" for a birthday photo checklist for milestone birthdays.

    Happy Scrapping!