Digital Scrapbook Layout Templates

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Something can be said for digital scrapbook layout templates...

Unlike ordinary sketches for traditional scrapbook layouts, you can literally use the template as the frame for your digital scrapbook layout because all you have to do is slide in a few pictures, add some patterned paper, embellishments, a title and you're done.

You will typically find three types of digital scrapbook layout templates available for download on the internet - the overlay, the layout design and the pre-made.

The overlay is just that. It's a flat file image with spaces for pictures (or journaling), but a majority of the layout design is left up to you; you've just been given a head start by having the pictures placed for you. Think of it as a pre-cut mat that comes in a multi-photo frame. The size and shape of the openings have already been determined for you and there is zero wiggle room.

The "layout design" digital scrapbook layout template takes the overlay idea one step further as it consists of not only picture placement, but also includes templates for other design elements, such as photo mats, journaling or patterned paper strips. The benefit of this type of template is that you have almost an entire layout created for you - in individual parts (layers) - so all you have to do is add pictures, journaling, paper, and embellishments.

To me, it's the best of both worlds because it uses the concept of pre-made scrapbook layout design, but leaves the rest of the creative process (paper/embellishment selection) up to you. In addition, because they are built with the individual layers intact, you have the freedom to move page elements around as you see fit.

Lastly, if you love the idea of digital scrapbook layouts, but just don't have the time, you can go with pre-made digital scrapbook layout templates. Some people call them Quick Pages, some call them Easy Pages, while others call them Instascraps, but they are all the same thing - a combination of the overlay and layout design template.

In this instance, there is literally nothing for you to do except add your pictures and journaling. A completely pre-made template has already been designed with paper, title and embellishments included so like the overlay format, you do not have the option of moving page elements or picture placement as they typically come in a flat file (PNG or JPEG) format.

As you can see, there are several options for you to choose from when using digital scrapbook layout templates, some offering more flexibility than others. But, no matter what you use, it's sure to be a time saver.

Happy Scrapping!