Digital Scrapbook Paper

Digital scrapbook paper... To digital scrapbookers, it is their cardstock and their patterned paper. The only difference is it comes in the form of a JPEG or PNG file as opposed to something you can hold (at least initially).

As with traditional scrapbook paper, digital paper can be created with any pattern that the designer can dream up. In fact, I've seen digital elements show up in traditional scrapbook paper, so the lines between "paper" and "digital" scrapbooking have definitely become somewhat blurred (to all our benefit).

Since I usually end up creating my own papers for my scrapbook layouts (no matter how many digital scrapbook supplies I buy), I figured I'd share some of my creations with you.

All of my digital paper comes in 300 ppi JPEG files for high-quality printing capability.

Happy (Digital) Scrapping!!

Mini-Paper Packs

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