Graduation Scrapbook Party Ideas

How to Host a High School Graduation Scrapbook Party

There is no doubt that your daughter has several close friends and, in all likelihood, they're all going in different "directions" after graduation. It's also just as likely, especially with the advent of camera phones, that they have at least a few pictures of each other.

So...why not host a graduation scrapbook party?

The goal being that they create a "circle journal" type scrapbook in one night. There are so many changes that will occur in the first year after graduation and a graduation scrapbook party will help them create a keepsake of the memories they shared together in high school.

Once you've determined how many girls are attending the graduation scrapbook party, you will need to do a little planning and a lot of shopping...

1. First, you will need to gather the pictures you have of the girls and make enough copies for those that are invited. You should also have the girls send you the digital files of the pictures they would like to include, so you can make copies of those as well.

2. Next, you will need to decide whether or not you want to take the girls to the local scrapbook store before the party and let them select their own albums, scrapbook paper, embellishments, etc. (and risk them going hog wild), or you do the shopping ahead of time and select a variety of supplies that will fit the themes of the pictures.

For example, you would want to pick up a good variety of patterned paper (flowers, school related patterns, music related patterns, retro, etc.), cardstock in the school colors and a scrapbook for them to fill to their heart's content, such as the Bazzill Basic's 8" x 8" mono-mini album.

3. You may not need to go shopping for this one, but make sure that you're stocked up on the scrapbook essentials (adhesive, basic cardstock colors, journaling pens, etc.). You'll be letting the girls have free reign over your goods, so make sure you have plenty to go around.

4. Now, you can't have a party without munchies, so make sure to stock your refrigerator with lots of soda, tea or whatever the girls like to drink, and your pantry with the traditional goodies.

Depending on where you usually work on your scrapbooks, you may want to move your supplies to a location that will give the girls enough space to work, move around, chill out, watch a movie, etc.

Also, since you're trying to help them complete this scrapbook in one night, supply them with plenty of ideas, such as sketches or scrapbook layout ideas, so they don't have to spend a lot of time thinking about how to layout their pictures.

Graduation Scrapbook Party Layout Ideas:

  • Graduation - Do they have a group picture together in their caps and gowns? What was the day like (were they sitting on bleachers in the sun on a 95 degree day)? What were their feelings on graduation?
  • Beach Week/Post-Graduation Party
  • Prom - See my Prom section for more ideas on Prom Scrapbook Layouts.
  • Things They Have in Common/Enjoy Doing Together
  • Shoe Shopping
  • Watching "Chic" Flics
  • Hanging Out at the Pool
  • Listening (Singing) to their Favorite Tunes/Going to Concerts
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Were they in the marching band together? Do they have pictures from a band trip or a homecoming parade?
  • Were they on the soccer team together? Were they part of a championship team? Even if they weren't, is there a special game that they remember being a part of (like beating their cross-town rivals for the first time in 10 years)?
  • Were they in drama together? Was there a play that they were in that has special meaning to them?
  • A Scrapbook in the Making...
  • If you have a digital camera, and a good photo printer, take some pictures of the girls at the graduation scrapbook party, while they're working on their scrapbooks, so they can also remember how fun it was to create it!

    Now, no matter what else they include in their scrapbook, make sure they make each other a page about themselves, so they have a snapshot of their friends from graduation. It would also be a nice touch if they included a personal letter to each other.

    Happy Scrapping!