Halloween Candy Scrapbook Layouts

It seems to me that Halloween candy scrapbook layouts can fall into two categories - Halloween and "All About Me" - and my ideas on the topic are pretty simple...

Most of us went trick-or-treating when we were kids and we always had a favorite candy or at least a favorite type - fruity, chocolate, etc.

So, why not create a scrapbook layout featuring your favorite Halloween candy?

Halloween Candy Scrapbook Layout Ideas

I Want Candy (Digital)

  • Type of Candy - If you're like me, you don't really have a "favorite" candy, but you like a certain type of candy. Be it sweet, sour, chewy or chocolatey, it's the type of Halloween candy that you always hoped would fill a majority of your goodie bag.

    In this instance, the easiest thing to do is to get a bowl and fill it with your favorite candy. If the candy is small, you can do like I did in this layout and unwrap the candy, or if you love mini-candy bars, you can fill the bowl with all of the different types.

    NOTE: If lollipops are your thing, you may just want to tie several together with a ribbon, or...stick some florist foam in the bottom of a bowl, fill it with a variety of Halloween candy and then push the lollipops into the foam, so they stand out above the rest of the candy.

    Once you're happy with your display, take a variety of pictures of the candy. Try different angles, lighting, etc. and then pick the best one to use in your Halloween candy scrapbook layout.

  • Sketch of the Week - 10/14/2006

  • Nothing Like the Original - Now, if you're like my husband, he has a definite favorite candy - Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - but like quite a few candies out there, these have gone through quite a transformation over the years.

    It's not just the peanut butter cups anymore, there are white chocolate cups, Reese sticks and a variety of other candy bars with the "Reese's" name, but no matter how many spin-offs there are, he always goes back to the original.

    Do you have a favorite like this? If you do, you could create a Halloween candy scrapbook layout that features your favorite, along with all of the "spin-offs" that have occurred over the years.

    Journaling Questions for your Halloween Candy Scrapbook Layouts

    Now, you can't have pictures without a little bit of a story, so here are some questions to help get you thinking about what you can journal about on your layout.

  • Why is this your favorite candy?
  • Has this candy always been your favorite?
  • Is this candy hard to find?

    NOTE:Unfortunately, not all the candies that we loved in our childhood are still in wide circulation (e.g., Charleston Chew). You may think about discussing this candy's popularity when you were a kid.
  • If there are a lot of spin-offs to your favorite, have you tried them? Do you like them? Are there any that you feel are real misses? (Specific to "Nothing Like the Original" layout)
  • Color Ideas for your Halloween Candy Scrapbook Layouts

    From my point of view, the color of the paper, embellishments, etc. should mimic the candy (in color and texture). For example:

  • Use pastels and chalks for Smarties or SweetTarts
  • Browns and oranges for chocolates and anything in the "Reese's" family
  • If you're a fan of Blow Pops, use white (for the wrapper), pink (for the gum) and the color of your favorite flavor (green - apple, blue - raspberry, etc.).

    Happy Scrapping!!