Halloween Decoration Scrapbook Layouts

I was thinking outside of the box when I started writing about halloween decoration scrapbook layouts.

If you ask ten people what holiday they're most likely to decorate their house for, most are going to say Christmas.

But…there are some out there that will proudly say Halloween.

Instead of having red and green plastic boxes full of snowmen and candy cane candles, you have orange and black plastic boxes full of skulls and taper candles that "bleed."

So, don't hide the fact that you put a haunted village on your mantle on the first of October, create a Halloween decoration scrapbook layout around it!

  • Did it take you a while to accumulate the entire village?
  • Is there a certain piece that is your favorite? Why?
  • Does your spouse love (or insist) on turning your house into the local haunted mansion on Halloween? In this instance, you could create what I like to call a "priceless" halloween decoration scrapbook layout.

    The blueprint is simple…

    (1) Take a 5"x7" picture of your house (in its transformed state).
    (2) Create cardstock strips that list some of the components that go into making the mansion. For example…

  • Fake cobwebs ($1.00)
  • Glow-in-the-dark skulls ($5.00)
  • Full-size skeleton ($100.00)
  • Being "the house" that everyone comes to each
  • (3) Mat your photo and attach any patterned paper.
    (4) Position your photo where you want it on the page and attach your cardstock strips, so they look like "fingers" coming out of the picture.
    (5) Attach your photo, add title and embellishments, as necessary.

    Tip: If you're in the mood to create your own patterned paper, you can use sayings that you've heard when people come up to the house.

    Or…for a different twist on the same theme, you can create a halloween decoration scrapbook layout that mimics time-lapse photography.

  • Take a before picture of the house
  • Take pictures of the house as it is transformed
  • Take an after picture of the house
  • The layout (assuming single 12x12 page) could be structured so the before picture is in the upper left-hand corner of the page, the after picture is in the lower right-hand corner of the page and the transformation pictures are placed (in sequence) in a line in the middle of the page.

    Happy Decorating!

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