Ice Cream Scrapbook Layouts

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream scrapbook layouts!!

Children seem to have super-human hearing when it comes to recognizing the unmistakable ring of the ice cream truck. If there is one constant in this world, no matter how high tech we get, it seems to be that little white truck that children flock to like a moth to a flame.

So, on one of those super-hot summer days, take your camera out with you as your children scurry to give their order.

Take a picture of the truck, your children placing their order and then consuming the gooey-sticky treat on the front porch.

Don't forget to mention the names of your children's favorite frozen treats. In fact, if you want to really reflect your children's tastes, create a separate layout for each child and have the colors and title reflect their favorite frozen treats.

For example, if your son loves Firecracker popsicles, you can use red, white and blue paper and title the page, "Rocket Man", since the popsicle is shaped like a rocket. If your daughter loves Creamsicle bars, create a layout with varying shades of orange and white (try using Scrapbook Wizard Citrus Dots paper).

While we're always prone to scrap our family members, take a minute to create an ice cream scrapbook layout featuring your favorites.

What's your favorite ice cream store?... Maggie Moo's, Baskin Robbins or Cold Stone Creamery.

Take a picture of your local store, your favorite sundae and create a list of your favorite ice cream flavors (dress up your list by listing each on a separate paper strip set with an ice cream cone brad).

Do you prefer to make your own ice cream? Take a picture of your ice cream maker, the ingredients (don’t forget the recipe) and the finished product for a ready-to-make scrapbook layout.

Happy Scrapping!!