Lemonade Stand Scrapbook Layouts

I thought that old fashioned lemonade stands and, therefore, lemonade stand scrapbook layouts, had gone the way of the dodo bird until the little girl across the street had one set up. Much like an ice cream truck, she was surrounded by giggling children looking for a refreshing drink on an overwhelmingly hot day.

Do you have pictures of your little entrepreneur and need some ideas on what to do with them?

Well, when I think of lemonade stands, the first thing that popped into my head was color, so let's translate that into some lemonade stand scrapbook layout ideas:

First, you could make a scrapbook layout that incorporates all of the colors associated with a lemonade stand – light yellow (lemonade), red (painted sign) and tan (wood). Or, you could go monochromatic and do varying shades of yellow.

For embellishments, keep it simple. What's the one thing you can't do without when making lemonade (besides the lemons)…ice!!! You can replicate ice cubes very easily with page pebbles (clear epoxy stickers).

Hand paint your title in red. It doesn't have to be perfect – the one on the stand isn't. In fact, if your son/daughter did the painting on the stand, have them paint the title on your layout. It's closer to the original and will make them feel oh so proud that they were able to help Mommy with her scrapbook page.

Now, if your little guy or gal is thinking about make a lemonade stand, here are some ideas for pictures for your scrapbook layout.

  • Designing the lemonade stand (include their drawings as embellishments)
  • Buying the materials to make the stand and lemonade
  • Building the lemonade stand
  • Making the lemonade and, of course, making their first sale
  • Happy Scrapping!!