Scrap Your Vote...
with a Political Scrapbook Layout

What is a political scrapbook layout? Well…it's a little bit of red, white and blue mixed with a whole lot of history. In fact, the idea for an article on this topic came to me as I was standing in line to vote…thank goodness for PDAs.

Voting…at the age of 18 we are given the privilege of electing those individuals who will represent us as a Governor, Senator, State or National House Representative and/or as President. In fact, it is our civic duty to exercise our right to vote.

So, I decided to throw some ideas out there on how you can celebrate your right to vote by creating political scrapbook layouts.

  • Volunteering
  • Volunteerism…It's one of those things that make this country great. Have you ever volunteered as an election official or as part of a political campaign? Here are some ideas you can use to create a political scrapbook layout on your election volunteer efforts:

  • What was the experience like?
  • Did you learn anything new about voting, the election process or government policy in general?
  • Did you make any new friends (or maybe even meet your future spouse)?
  • What were your feelings if your candidate won/lost?
  • Has an election ever spurred you into public service?
  • Did you attend any rallies for a candidate? Did any big name politicians and/or celebrities speak?
  • Election Night Parties
  • Do you have election night parties with your friends to stay up and watch/discuss the results? It may sound nerdy, but when you live in such close proximity to Washington, D.C., you can help but be interested. Talking about politics is as commonplace as a discussion on the score of "last night's game."

    Or…did you attend a candidate's post-election party?

  • First Election
  • This is an important event to capture in a political scrapbook layout, especially if you're still in high school, because as you mature, so will your views. It will be interesting to look back on events 10, 20, 30 years down the road, plus it's a good history lesson for your kids.

  • What was your first election (mid-term, Presidential or Gubernatorial)?
  • What year was it? Who were the candidates?
  • What were the major issues?
  • Who did you vote for and why?
  • Political Scrapbook Layouts – Color/Embellishment Ideas
  • If you want your political scrapbook layout to follow "party lines" – use primarily blue (and a "donkey") for Democrats, red (and an "elephant") for Republicans and white for Independents.

    Make a copy of your voter registration card.

    Save a copy of your "I Voted" sticker, bumper stickers, and promotional mailings for your candidate or pins from the campaign.

    I hope that you are able to use these ideas for political scrapbook layouts and that you were able to exercise your right to vote. As I exited the polling place this evening, a man asked…"How were the lines?" "Long," I replied, "But it was worth it."