Choubox Prom Announcements

When I think of prom, I think of pictures and prom announcements, as it makes sense that you would want to share some of those pictures with your family and friends.

So...instead of just sending them an envelope full of pictures or even a link to your digital picture album, try sending them a keepsake - something that they could put in their own scrapbook album - a Choubox Scrapbook Greeting.

What's this...? You've never heard of a Choubox Scrapbook Greeting!

Well, it's pretty simple actually. It's a mini-scrapbook, a party favor, a thank-you note and an announcement – all rolled into one. Basically, I take handmade cards and kick them up a notch!

The great thing about Choubox Scrapbook Greetings is that they have multiple uses. You can decide to leave the outside of the envelope plain and mail your memories, or we can create an even more personalized greeting by decorating the envelope for use as a favor. If your family is spread across the globe, I can even create digital greetings for you to e-mail!

Take this one for example... The front of the prom announcement would display a picture of your daughter with her date, some ribbon, a flower and the title (e.g., Janie's Senior Prom 2006). The back of the card would leave you room for journaling to tell everyone about the evening. In this example, we've used a picture of a flower (but we could use a picture of your daughter's corsage), a vellum overlay and brads to create the journaling mat.

Greeting Example FrontGreeting Example Back

If you wanted to send your friends some of your pictures from the evening, we could create a prom announcement similar to the one below. The front of the greeting would feature a group photo and some journaling, while the back of the greeting would feature some of the best shots from the evening.

Greeting Example FrontGreeting Example Back

For more information about Choubox Scrapbook Greetings, just drop me a line!