Prom Picture Checklist

I hope that the following prom picture checklist will help you prepare for the event that is prom, where appropriate I've included some journaling prompts.

In fact, a lot of the activities associated with prom can be compared to a wedding and, therefore, the pictures that you take will be similar…

  • Dress shopping (Trying dresses on, finding the right dress, selecting shoes and other accessories)
  • Journaling Ideas: Who went with you to find dresses? Did you have to go to a lot of stores to find "the" dress? Were you looking for a particular style/color of dress and why?

  • Getting ready - Hair/Nails/Make-Up
  • "Walking down the stairs" – While it will take more than one camera, you may want to get not just a picture of your daughter walking down the stairs, but a picture of the look on her date's face (as long as the two of them don't mind the paparazzi effect).
  • Journaling Ideas: Who is your son's/daughter's date? Are they a steady boyfriend/girlfriend? Are they just good friends?

  • Photo of your daughter pinning on her boyfriend's boutonniere and her boyfriend putting on the corsage (you may also want to get a close-up picture of the corsage).
  • A picture of the couple at home - What we like to call the "informal" formal picture, since it is posed (and they are dressed up), but you're out on your deck or in the front yard. Note: If they are going with a group of friends, meet at one family's house and make sure to get a group picture.
  • Driving off in car/limousine.
  • Now, these next entries on this prom picture checklist are dependent on two things happening (1) that your son/daughter take a camera with them and (2) that they remember to actually take pictures (we're talking about teenagers here).

  • A picture of the restaurant where they had dinner or, if they're having dinner at home, a picture of the table setting (there's nothing wrong with having dinner at "Chez Mom").
  • A picture of the couple during dinner.
  • Journaling Ideas: If they don't get a picture of the restaurant, at least make sure to include the name/location of the restaurant (it might be the first of many trips to a nice restaurant downtown). What did they eat and, if it was unusual cuisine, what did they think of it?

  • And a prom picture checklist wouldn't be complete without a reminder about your prom royalty – the prom king and queen!
  • Now, if you don't have the opportunity to take any of these pictures, there is still the opportunity for the "formal" formal prom picture that is taken at the dance a la school pictures.
  • Additional things to keep in mind when journaling…

  • Where was the prom held?
  • What was the date?
  • What was the theme of the prom and what was its significance?
  • What was the prom song or what songs were popular at the time?
  • And never forget.... Check to make sure that you have an ample amount of film (or space on your memory card) and that your camera has a fresh set of batteries.

    The last thing you want to do is run out of film or have the batteries give out just as your daughter's walking down the stairs.

    Happy Snapping!!