Scrapbook eBooks

15 Ways You NEED to Know to Become a GREAT Digital Scrapbooker - It's so addicting, it ought to come with a warning label!
Welcome to the Choubox Library. Where, most of the time, you can find scrapbook eBooks for less than $1.00!!

While I only have one eBook right now, it is my intention to expand my collection to several within the next few include my own "How To" manual for beginners.

All of my eBooks include loads of ideas and sketches to make scrapbooking simple and best of don't have to spend $15 and a trip to your local scrapbook store to get them. You can order my eBooks from the comfort of your own home and since they're digital, there are no shipping charges!

Happy Reading and Scrapping!!

Christmas Scrapbook Layout Ideas eBook


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