Scrapbook for a Cause

We all have different reasons why we scrapbook for a cause – mine is breast cancer. Clearly, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of community-specific fundraising events that you can participate in to support the search for a cure, but there are a few national events that thousands participate in every year.

The Walk for Hope, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, and Breast Cancer 3-Day, all exponentially more (physically) demanding than the previous, bring together mothers, daughters, sisters and friends to walk or run in support of a great cause.

It's also a great occasion to scrap because not only are you scrapping your support, but you are also honoring those very special people in your life that have been touched by the disease.

Picture Checklist

Of course, before we can create a scrapbook for a cause we need pictures (most of the time), so here's a starter list of ideas on pictures to take during your various experiences.

  • If you're walking for someone in particular, make sure you have pictures of them.
  • Your new pair of sneakers.
  • You before you start training for the event and after you finish. You may find that you loose a little (or a lot of) weight in the training process, so you'll want to capture that change.
  • You with your running/walking buddies before starting, especially if you're part of an organized team. If you're doing one of the multi-day events, you will want to take an after shot too (we all know what a couple days camping will do to our looks).
  • For multi-day events, pictures of cheering stations and/or entertainers who kicked off the day.
  • As strange as it sounds, pictures of your meals while in camp or your favorite energy drink/bar.
  • The people. When I was part of the Komen Race for the Cure, I was overwhelmed by the number of people that have been touched by breast cancer, there were literally thousands there that day, so I just lifted my camera above my head and took a few shots of the crowd.
  • Pictures of camp (tent city) and your tent, especially if you participated in a tent decorating contest.
  • Pictures of landmarks. No matter what the event, I take it as an opportunity to take pictures of the city's landmarks or at least the surroundings. I recently participated in the Walk for Hope, which took place in a local park…it was a beautiful day and the leaves had just started changing, so it was perfect picture taking weather.
  • And while it's not necessarily a picture, make sure to get a copy of the walk/run route to use as a "picture" or emellishment.

    Scrapbook for a Cause Layout Ideas

    Armed with these pictures, you can fill your scrapbook for a cause with layouts like the following:

  • Preparation
  • – Take your before picture and the picture of your new shoes, along with your training journal and chronicle your preparations.

  • Go Team!
  • – Did you organize a group to walk for your family and friends or for your company? Take that picture with all your running/walking buddies and create a layout based around your team. Don't forget your team name!

  • Camp
  • – Camping...some of us are made for it and some of us prefer the comfort of a four-star hotel. In either case, you're all together under the stars, so remember all the good times (and not so good times…) in a camping layout.

    NOTE: If you participated in a tent decorating, you could fashion your layout to mimic your winning design.

  • Goals
  • – As part of your participation in one of these events, did you have a specific fundraising goal? It doesn't matter whether it was $5, $10, $50 or $500 dollars, every dollar raised in support of breast cancer research counts and your efforts should be celebrated in your "scrapbook for a cause."

  • Dedication
  • – Of course, there are one or more people in your life who have been affected by breast cancer and a scrapbook for a cause wouldn't be complete without at least one layout that celebrates their life or triumph over the disease.

    Journaling Questions for your Scrapbook for a Cause

  • What was camp like? What interesting stories did you hear from fellow walkers? What were your feelings?

    I was overwhelmed during my first walk. You read all the statistics, but to see so many people who have been impacted by the disease is just heart-breaking, but encouraging at the same time in that they've all come out to help find a cure.

  • Obviously, you want to include the when and where of the event. Did you have to travel a significant distance to participate?
  • What made you want to participate in this event?

    Obviously, we're all interested in finding a cure, but some of these events require a significant physical effort, so there is likely a reason why you wanted to do something more than just write a check. Is it therapeutic? Does it help you to commune with others in the same situation?

  • What did you have for dinner/breakfast? Anyone special that you met during meals?
  • Did you have a favorite energy bar and/or drink that you consumed during your walk? Why?
  • No matter the event – it gives us all a chance to scrapbook for a cause – one that benefits millions.

    Happy Scrapping!