Scrapping Your Favorite Smells

I will admit that the thought of scrapping your favorite smells may seem a little strange, but they do make you - you.

The idea for scrapping your favorite smells literally came to me out of the blue. I was walking by a local cafe one morning and the sweet smell of pancakes greeted me like an old friend. It got me thinking...I love the smell of pancakes. Sure, eating pancakes is nice, but to me, they don't taste half as good as they smell.

  • So...what are your favorite smells?
  • It may not come to you immediately, but the minute you think about it - write it down!

    For me, it's pancakes, lilacs, hyacinths and BBQ at Famous Daves. My husband loves the smell of coffee, but...doesn't like to drink it.

  • Conversely, what smells can you not stand?
  • I CAN'T stand the smell of fruit make me nauseous. To this day, I don't know why, but it's one of those smells that I will avoid at all costs.

    You may want to create a totally separate layout for these, especially if there are a lot, or just put it as a footnote to your favorites.

    We've all heard that the sense most closely tied to memory is smell. So, it only makes sense that some of your favorite, or not so favorite, smells will bring back certain memories.

  • Do you have smells that remind you of people, places and/or events?
  • For example, while it didn't happen at first, the smell of KFC chicken now reminds me of visiting my grandfather in Pennsylvania because that's what we always used to eat when we'd visit him.

    Just a couple things to keep in mind when scrapping your favorite smells...

    This layout will probably be a work-in-progress or something that you plan to create by the page, so you don't have to worry about remembering every single smell at one time.

    Also, get pictures of all the items and places that make your nose "happy" and, if there is special meaning behind the items, don't forget to include the reasons why in your journaling.

    Happy Scrapping!!