Should I Buy a Digital Camera?

Should I buy a digital camera?... I asked myself the same question over three years ago, but at the time the camera I wanted was too expensive.

A year later, after the birth of my two boys, I came to the realization that a digital camera was going to be a necessity, as trying to capture one good picture of twin boys was proving to be costly with a traditional 35 mm camera.

Fast forward to today...I'm almost 2,000 pictures into my experience and I couldn't be happier. So, for those of you out there wondering, "Should I buy a digital camera?" here are some of the reasons why I would recommend it:

1. No more wasting film trying to get "the" shot

Unless you're a profession photographer with an unlimited supply of film, you will (even subconsciously) limit the number of pictures you take because you don't want to "waste" a roll of film shooting picture after picture of your children because they just won't look at you.

With a digital camera, you can take 5, 10, 15…20 pictures of the same scene and you only keep the ones you want – much like a professional photographer.

2. Instant Feedback

With a traditional camera, you would go on vacation, take a ton of pictures and hope that they come out. With a digital camera, you get what I like to call "instant feedback." If you don't like what the picture looks like (overexposed, blurry, etc.), you just take another.

...but should I buy a digital camera?

3. Broaden Your Horizon

Are you stuck on automatic?... Afraid to try out some of the other settings for fear of (again) wasting film. Other automatic modes like landscape and portrait take the work out of taking great pictures and with the option to always delete and re-take with a digital camera, you have the freedom to experiment. So, feel free to take pictures you wouldn't normally take.

4. Sharing pictures is SO much easier

There are countless websites (dotphoto, Snapfish, Flickr, etc.) that offer you the ability to share your pictures via the web. With a digital camera, just hook up your flash card to your computer, upload and sharing is a snap. Or, at the very least you can e-mail pictures to your family and friends without having to take the time to scan in your pictures.

5. Digital Scrapbooking

If you're more adept with a mouse than a pair of fine-tip scissors, digital scrapbooking might be for you. With a digital camera, you can immediately transfer your pictures to your layouts AND you can easily use your photos to create your own scrapbook elements.

6. Great Value

The technology has developed to the point where you can get a very good quality digital camera for less than $200 dollars.

So, when asked by anyone, "Should I buy a digital camera?" I will always answer with a resounding, "Yes!!"