8x8 Scrapbook Layout Sketches

8x8 scrapbook layout sketches…They're perfect for beginning scrappers. Why? Because, in my opinion, an 8x8 scrapbook is the perfect starter scrapbook. It's not as "intimidating" as a 12x12 and it's not as restrictive as a 6x6 scrapbook can sometimes be.

Also, an 8x8 scrapbook layout allows you to focus on the basics of scrapbook design because, much like a 6x6 scrapbook layout, the more compact size forces you to concentrate on main components of a scrapbook layout – photos, title and journaling.

Plus, if your eventual goal is to move up to 12x12 scrapbooks,starting off with 8x8 scrapbook layouts gets you used to working with the proportions of a square workspace (versus the letter size constraints that we are usually limited to).

So, here are a few 8x8 scrapbook layout sketches to get your creative juices flowing. Want more?… Get your friends together and vote for the Sketch of Week.

Happy Scrapping!!

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8x8 Scrapbook Layout Sketch8x8 Scrapbook Layout Sketch