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Choubox Scrapbook Design takes the work out of making memorable keepsakes.

All you have to do is add pictures!

For those just getting into scrapbooking, the process can seem daunting…which paper to use, how to crop pictures and how to tell the difference between a Xyron and a Cricut.

I like to think that I offer a fresh perspective on scrapbooking, as well as valuable information on everything you will need to get started on a lifelong hobby.

Check out my articles on…

  • The Supplies You'll Need to Make a Scrapbook
  • How to Select Cardstock
  • Scrapbook Embellishments
  • Journaling
  • Scrapbook Sketches
  • Scrapbook Paper Storage
  • Scrapbooking Photography
  • Layout ExampleIn addition, if you're looking to get smart on scrapbook lingo – check out The Scraptionary. My ever-growing scrapbook dictionary!

    Once you get your bearings, browse through my layout gallery to get ideas and inspiration, as well as my article index for creative scrapbook layout ideas on topics like Halloween, Weddings and Graduation.

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    Have questions? Don’t hesitate to Send Me E-Mail and I’ll be happy to help. In fact, my "How Do I Scrap That?" page is based completely on questions from curious scrappers around the globe!

    Happy Scrapping!

    Choubox Scrapbook Article Index
    Find your answers fast with the Choubox Scrapbook Article Index!
    How to Make a Scrapbook
    Do you have a shoebox full of pictures at home, but have no idea how to make a scrapbook? Not to worry... We provide you with the essentials on what you need to start scrapbooking.
    Choubox Scrapbook Layout Gallery
    The Choubox Scrapbook Layout Gallery.... Where a Picture Can Spark a Thousand Ideas!
    The Choubox Sketch Pad
    The Choubox Sketch Pad... Your resource for free scrapbook layout sketches.
    Choubox Articles: Scrapbook Tips and Techniques
    Scrapbook Tips and Techniques...Learning the How Tos of Scrapbooking
    Choubox Articles: Organizing Your Scrap Space
    Prevent the organizing your scrap space!
    The Chou Blog
    The Chou Blog
    Scrapping for a Cure: Breast Cancer Scrapbook Layouts
    Is there someone special in your life that you would like to honor for their strength and courage? Preserve your memories with our breast cancer scrapbook layouts.
    New Baby Scrapbook
    Start Scrapbooking with a New Baby Scrapbook
    Choubox Articles: Summer Scrapbook Layouts
    Scrapbook articles and ideas for summer scrapbook layouts.
    Summer Vacation Scrapbook Layouts
    Keep your family memories alive with summer vacation scrapbook layouts!
    Hauntingly Fantastic Halloween Scrapbook Layouts
    Halloween is a time for witches and ghosts, gremlins and ghouls - show off your spooky side with our hauntingly fantastic Halloween Scrapbook Layouts.
    Choubox Articles: Dance, Dance...Ideas for Prom Scrapbook Layouts
    Looking for ideas for prom scrapbook layouts? Check out picture list, journaling tips and ideas on how to make your daughter's dress shine!
    Cardstock: Knowing How to Pick the Right Colors
    Before you buy any more cardstock, get a refresher course in color theory and learn how it can help you pick the right colors!
    The Five W's of Scrapbook Journaling
    Tips on how to turn photo albums into family heirlooms with scrapbook journaling.
    When to use Scrapbook Embellishments
    Learn about when to use scrapbook embellishments.
    Get it Write with Scrapbook Writing Tools
    Quality scrapbook writing tools are critical to preserving your memories. Learn about the different pens and pencils that are available and how you can use them.
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    Scraptionary: Choubox's Scrapbook Dictionary
    Is scrapbooking your new hobby? Then you need a scraptionary! Your #1 source for scrapbook definitions and examples.
    Choubox Frequently Asked Questions
    Find answers to your frequently asked questions about Choubox's services.
    A Little Bit About Me
    Welcome to my's a little bit about me!
    Contact Us @ Choubox Scrapbook Design
    Contact Us @ Choubox Scrapbook Design
    Give Her Something Special....Make a Scrapbook for Mothers Day
    Skip the jewelry and spa treatments this year and make a scrapbook for Mothers Day!
    Creating a Winter Wonderland with Choubox Winter Scrapbook Layouts
    Looking for the perfect winter scrapbook layouts to preserve pictures of your little snow angel? Choubox kits provide the perfect mix of traditional and modern looks... guaranteed to warm your heart.
    Something Old... Something New...Choubox Wedding Scrapbook Layouts
    Sketch Pad Article: Wedding Scrapbook Layouts.... Our list of traditional, and not so traditional, wedding moments to scrapbook!
    Stuck on You with Scrapbook Adhesive
    Picking the right scrapbook adhesive doesn't have to be complicated. We provide you with all the information on the best adhesive to use when your just starting to scrapbook.
    Horizontal vs. Vertical: Scrapbook Paper Storage Ideas
    Ask a majority of scrapbookers what their "weakness" is and they will say paper. And I say, "Keep buying!", but use these scrapbook paper storage ideas to keep things manageable!!
    How Do I Scrap That??... Get Your Questions Answered!
    Ever look at a stack of pictures and think, "How Do I Scrap That?" Get your questions answered today!!
    Summer Camp Scrapbook Layouts
    Keep childhood memories alive with summer camp scrapbook layouts!
    Swimming Pool Scrapbook Layouts
    Spend a lazy summer day making swimming pool scrapbook layouts.
    Lemonade Stand Scrapbook Layouts
    Ice...Cold...Lemonade Stand Scrapbook Layouts
    Mothers Day Scrapbook Layouts
    Show Mom how much you care with Mothers Day scrapbook layouts...
    Handmade Mothers Day Gifts
    Ideas for making Mothers Day gifts from the heart.
    Making the Grade at a Graduation Scrapbook Party
    Celebrate your child's graduation by throwing a graduation scrapbook party!
    Making a College Memories Scrapbook
    Learn how to make a college memories scrapbook...
    Scrapping Your Team Colors!
    Get tips on how to create scrapbook layouts featuring your team colors!
    Choubox Scrapbook Greetings: Prom Announcements
    Share your prom memories with family and friends with Choubox Prom Announcements!
    Choubox Prom Picture Checklist
    Never miss an important moment with a prom picture checklist!
    Halloween Decoration Scrapbook Layouts
    Learn how to scrap your haunted mansion with Choubox Halloween decoration scrapbook layouts.
    All About Me Series: Scrapping Your Favorite Smells
    All About Me Series: Scrapping Your Favorite Smells
    Scrapbook for a Cause
    Scrapbook for a Cause: Ideas on how to celebrate and scrap your participation in breast cancer fundraising events.
    Choubox Articles: Fall Scrapbook Layouts
    Fall is a time for pumpkin patches and Turkey Day family reunions. Looking for an easy way to preserve all your memories? Check out my fall scrapbook layouts - all you do is add pictures!
    Choubox Digital Scrapbook Alphabets
    If you're looking for something fun and original, check out my growing collection of digital scrapbook alphabets!
    Consumer Information: Should I Buy a Digital Camera?
    If you've been wondering, "Should I Buy a Digital Camera?", here are some of my thoughts on why it would be a great purchase.
    Learn How to Make a Heritage Scrapbook
    Preserve Your Family History: Learn How to Make a Heritage Scrapbook
    Ideas to Create a Political Scrapbook Layout
    Scrap your right to vote with a political scrapbook layout!
    Breast Cancer Scrapbook Ideas
    Preserve your journey with a breast cancer scrapbook.
    Scrapbook Layout with No Photos
    Want to avoid making a scrapbook layout with no photos? Here are some ideas on how to creatively display your journaling without sacrificing "the story."
    How to Attach a Brad
    Using Scrapbook Embellishments: How to Attach a Brad
    Choubox Articles: Organizing Ribbon for Scrapbooks
    Which way is right for you?.. Tips on organizing ribbon for scrapbooks.
    Choubox Articles: Organize Small Embellishments (Part 1)
    Learn how to organize small embellishments.
    All About Me Series: Scrapbooking Your Favorite Music
    All About Me Series: Scrapbooking Your Favorite Music
    Choubox Sketch Pad: 12x12 Scrapbook Layout Sketches
    The Choubox Sketch Pad...Your source for creative 12x12 scrapbook layout sketches!
    Choubox Articles: How to Host a Crop
    Ready...Set...Crop. Tips on how to host a crop!
    Choubox Articles: Layouts for Formal Prom Photos
    Tips and ideas on how to scrap your formal prom photos!
    Choubox Articles: How to Use Eyelets
    Hammers Optional...Learning how to use eyelets.
    Choubox Articles: How To Ink Paper Edges
    Junk up your layouts...Learn how to ink paper edges!
    Choubox Sketch Pad: 6x6 Scrapbook Layout Sketches
    6x6 Scrapbook Layout Sketches...Who Says Size Matters?
    Choubox Articles: Organizing Your Scrapbook Magazines
    Ready to take on the challenge of organizing your scrapbook magazines?
    Choubox Sketch Pad: 8x8 Scrapbook Layout Sketches
    8x8 Scrapbook Layout Sketches... Perfect for Beginner Scrappers
    Choubox Articles: How to Use a Digital Scrapbook Template
    A quick an easy guide for how to use a digital scrapbook template!
    Chou Store: Choubox Digital Scrapbook Layout Templates
    Digital scrapbooking is a breeze with Choubox Digital Scrapbook layout Templates!!
    Choubox Articles: Digital Scrapbook Layout Templates
    Looking to simplify your digital scrapping life?... Try your hand at digital scrapbook layout templates.
    Premade Baby Scrapbook Layouts
    They're for boys and girls...premade baby scrapbook layouts!
    Premade Family Scrapbook Layouts
    Preserve your family history with premade family scrapbook layouts!
    Chou Store: Premade Scrapbook Layouts
    Save Time, Space and Money with Premade Scrapbook Layouts!
    Halloween Scrapbook Layout Colors
    Halloween Scrapbook Layout Colors...Are you a traditionalist or a costume coordinator?
    Handmade Greeting Cards
    Learn how to make handmade greeting cards!
    Creative Scrapbook Layouts Blog
    Stay up-to-date with all of the latest happenings at Choubox Scrapbook Design!!