Protect Your Memories...
with Scrapbook Page Protectors

These will be hard pressed to find an album without scrapbook page protectors. Why?...

To protect your memories AND your investment.

Even the old magnetic, acid-FULL, photo albums, had protective sheets that would prevent your pictures from being covered with fingerprints and the sticky goo from the adjacent pages.

So, while in the end, the paper your photos were placed on in photo albums of old wasn't suitable for archival purposes, there was a level of protection provided in the form of a sheet of plastic and the same form of protection (though in a more archival friendly material) has been extended to today's scrapbooks.

I was asked one day by a fellow scrapper, "Should I use page protectors?" Now, let me put this in context, because her concern was a valid one. She was worried that the scrapbook page protectors would ruin the look of her pages if she used large embellishments and that the glare would make it difficult for anyone to read her journaling.

Is a ribbon going to get pressed by putting the scrapbook layout in a scrapbook page protector?... Is a large embellishment going to cause your page protector to bulge?... In most cases, the answer will be, "Yes," to both of those questions.

Have Questions?…  Ask Me!Why?... Because page protector or not, the same thing will happen the minute you close the scrapbook.

Regarding the concern over glare, you will find that a lot of scrapbook page protectors have a matte finish that will prevent glare, and even if they don't, glare is not a big enough issue to not use a page protector.

So, in the long run, I would strongly recommend against NOT using page protectors. First, it will be difficult for you to find an album that doesn't come with them, with the exception of spiral bound or mini albums. Second, the page protectors are there to prevent your scrapbook layouts from getting dirty, torn and exposed to outside elements (let alone being damaged from embellishment from another page).

Play it safe and protect your memories and, as always, Happy Scrapping!

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