Horizontal vs. Vertical...
Scrapbook Paper Storage Ideas

What is the one thing all of us seem to need?... Scrapbook paper storage ideas.

Ask a majority of scrapbookers what their "weakness" is...and they will say paper. From unique colors of cardstock to beautifully patterned paper, we often use the logic, "Buy the paper and the layout will come."

In the meantime, your scrapbook space, big or small, becomes overrun with stacks and stacks of paper waiting to be used. So, it's time to get organized...but what is the best scrapbook storage solution?

As with everything scrapbook related, there is no correct answer, just what best fits your situation and here are some ideas on how to best store your scrapbook paper.

  • Scrapbook Paper Storage Idea #1: Horizontal Paper
  • Most scrapbook stores will store their paper horizontally because they have the room for rows and rows of shelves and racks. Now, most of us don't have room for all those shelves, but horizontal storage is still a possibility with 12" x 12" plastic snap top cases. You can buy them individually or as part of a three-drawer or six-drawer cart, so you can make the most use out of your vertical space.

    These snap top cases are also great for storing the components of individual projects. Working on a mini-album for your son's birthday? Keep all your paper, pictures, embellishments, etc. together in one case, so you don't have to dig around for all the pieces when you actually have a minute to work on it.

    If you don't like to stack your paper, or have skinny bookshelves that can't take a wide storage solution, you may want to try going vertical.

  • Scrapbook Paper Storage Idea #2: Vertical Paper
  • Depending on your preferences, you can use traditional magazine storage files for 8.5" x 11" paper (or on your scrapbook table to store scrap paper), but you will have to get special storage files for 12" x 12" scrapbook paper. Vertical paper storage is best for cardstock or other papers that you will be accessing frequently because you can just slide the storage file out and pick the paper you need.

    These paper holders also come with dividers, so you can store multiple colors within a singe file! Just one thing to keep in mind is that you will need very tall shelves if you plan on using these vertical storage files in a bookshelf.

    In the end, you may decide that you want to use a combination of horizontal and vertical scrapbook paper storage, it's all up to you!!

    Happy Scrapping!

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