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You're probably wondering… What makes scrapbooking photography different from photography in general? Well, not really that much actually, it's the planning behind the pictures that's the real difference.

We all go to birthday parties, weddings and holiday gatherings with our cameras in tow, but how many times do we get home and wish we had a taken a picture of that cool centerpiece, or Aunt Margaret because you hardly ever get to see her.

Realistically, the number of spontaneous photo ops tend to outweigh the planned ones (young children are proof enough of that), but there are plenty of opportunities where a little planning can go a long way.

For example, you could use the following as a checklist for a baby's first room:

  • "Before and After" pictures of the room (just like on Trading Spaces),
  • Pictures of the room being painted and/or wallpaper being put up,
  • Pictures of the furniture being put together…
  • You can base your layouts on all of these pictures or just a few, some like to focus on just the finished product, while others like to document the entire transformation.

    An easy way to design your scrapbook layout is to have it mimic the style and colors of the room. Don't forget to save those paint chips and wallpaper samples…they make great embellishments. Just make sure to either spray them with archival mist or put them in an archival pouch!!

    With scrapbooking photography, you have the freedom to choose from only those pictures that you want and be confident in the fact that you've captured all the highlights of the event.

    Happy Scrapping!

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