Summer Camp Scrapbook Layouts

Summer camp scrapbook layouts... They provide us with a glimpse into our past and are a perfect momento for our children's children.

Whether your son or daughter spends several weeks at a camp, or it's just an extended version of pre-school, summer camp provides a multitude of opportunities for scrapping.

With every week, comes a new adventure and learning experience for your growing toddler. From a trip around China to learn about Giant Pandas to underwater exploration, pre-school summer camp memories are typically captured in the form of toddler artwork.

You know...all of those crayon-laden sheets that you want to keep, but can't quite figure out where to put - interspersed with pictures from "field trips" to the community playground.

For example, I created this flashcard for my sons' summer camp class on Chinese animals. I pulled a picture I already had from a trip to the zoo, created a 5"x5" template in Photoshop Elements, printed off enough versions for the class and made sure to laminate them!

And for the older kids… Have pre-made summer camp scrapbook layouts ready and waiting for them when they get back, so all they have to do is slap some of their favorite pictures in pre-determined spots and use their own camp journal to tell the story behind the pictures.

Need ideas for pre-made pages?...

Check out our sketch collection and base the scrapbook layout themes around the activities that they would be doing while at camp (swimming, canoeing, arts/crafts, theatre…). Don't forget to add a "girly" or "guys" page that will display pictures of them with friends they made while at camp!

Happy Scrapping!!