Summer Vacation Scrapbook Layouts

Summer vacation scrapbook layouts... They're cute, they're colorful and a snapshot into how we play when school is out and the air is filled with the sound of children's laughter.

The following are just a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing and spark your imagination to create great summer vacation scrapbook layouts and scrapbooks!

First, let's look at your traditional summer vacation. You know... The one where you all pile into the mini-van and your Dad drives non-stop for 10 hours just to get there.

Do you have a traditional summer vacation spot?

  • The Beach House
  • Cottage on the Lake
  • Grandma's House
  • No matter where you go - it's a tradition - so celebrate that tradition. To start off, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do you go there?
  • What do you like to do while you're there?
  • What are some of the things that you can buy/eat there that you can't at home?
  • For example, when I would visit my Grandfather in central Pennsylvania, we would always get a bag (or two) of Hartley's potato chips (1) because they taste great and (2) my Dad's hometown was just about the only place you could get them.

    Or...when I was younger, I would always check out the gum selection at the supermarkets wherever we went because, more often than not, they had something we didn't have at home - a real life example of regional tastes.

  • How has your perception of this place changed over time?
  • Admit it...We all love our traditional summer vacation spots when we're young, it becomes "uncool" as teenagers and then we develop a love for it again as we get older and sentimental for a simpler time.

  • Do you have any traditions on how you get there?
  • As I mentioned in my graduation scrapbook layout article, if you drive to this location, you typically go the same way, stop at the same places along the way, etc.

    Did your parents always get you a new toy or two to help the car ride go by a little faster?

    This is obviously just the tip of the iceberg, but now that you have these thoughts in mind, don't forget to snap a few pictures for your summer vacation scrapbook layouts.

    Next, let's cater to our children's needs a little bit.

    What's one of the first things your children will have to do when they go back to school?

    Talk about what they did on summer vacation!

    So, why don't you help them out and during that last week of summer vacation work on a summer vacation scrapbook layout that highlights all that they did? They will enjoy working on it with you and how many kids go back to school with actual pictures from their vacation? Be the hero!!

    Finally, whether it's written down or just in our heads, we all have a list of palces we would like to visit before we die. It might be the Grand Canyon, Paris, Australia, you name it, we all have our "To Do" lists.

    Have you made it your goal to check off one (or more) of your preferred destinations each summer?

    Why not create a summer vacation scrapbook layout that highlights your Top 10 Places to Visit?

    Whether you've been to all the places or not, you can always fill in the blanks after your trip and it will serve as encouragement to actually accomplish particular goals. The key thing to include for all your destinations is why you want to go there!!

    Happy Traveling!!