Scrapbook Layout Challenges

Scrapbook layout challenges have been around for a while, in one way shape or form, we just never really thought of them as "challenges."

Whether it's the latest technique or a cool layout design you saw in an online gallery, we're always challenging ourselves to think outside the box. It's just that now, we're a little more organized about it!

As I'm always one to buck the trend, I decided to share some of the thoughts that run through my head when creating scrapbook layouts.

Each challenge has my own interpretations, but we'd all love to see how you worked the idea into your own creations. If you're up to sharing, come join us at the Layout Gallery (NOTE: You have to be a member - it's free - in order to see the pictures).

Weekly Sketch Challenge - You can call it a scrapbook layout challenge, but I like to call it the Sketch of the Week. Best of select the format each week by voting. Enjoy!!

Using Lyrics in Scrapbook Layouts - Love music? Try this challenge and see how you can incorporate lyrics from your favorite songs into your layouts.

All About Me Scrapbooking

We all spend most of our time scrapping all the people in our lives, but never ourselves, so an All About Me scrapbook gives you the opportunity to highlight everything that is uniquely YOU - your likes, dislikes, hopes and fears.

Scrapping Your Favorite (and not so favorite...) Smells

We all have our favorite smells, so why not create one (or more) pages on those things and places that make your nose "happy."

Scrapbooking Your Favorite Music

Music has always played a big part in my life, as I'm sure it has for millions across the world. It's my therapy. Better than a punching bag, or even a primal scream, being able to sing along with my favorite songs has made even the worst days fade from memory.

So, one day I decided that I was going to make a scrapbook layout about some of my favorite music...