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For those just getting into scrapbooking, the process can seem daunting…which paper to use, how to crop pictures and how to tell the difference between a Xyron and a Cricut.

I like to think that I offer a fresh perspective on scrapbooking, as well as valuable information on everything you will need to get started on a lifelong hobby.

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  • The Supplies You'll Need to Make a Scrapbook
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  • In addition, if you're looking to get smart on scrapbook lingo – check out The Scraptionary. My ever-growing scrapbook dictionary!

    Once you get your bearings, browse through my layout gallery to get ideas and inspiration, as well as my article index for creative scrapbook layout ideas on topics like Halloween, Weddings and Graduation.

    choubox. Get yours at

    I am also the only company whose scrapbook layouts are color coordinated with all of your Hobbie's House of Wizard Wear favorites. So, if you have a little wizard at home, or are one yourself, check out my wizard layouts for the perfect way to preserve your memories of Book Release Parties, Conventions or Movie Premieres.

    Now, there are also times when you just don't have the time to scrap, but still have a stack of pictures that need to be put in a scrapbook. Or, you like the idea of a scrapbook, but don't want to make the investment in scrapbook supplies.

    In those cases, Choubox offers pre-made creative scrapbook layout kits, custom scrapbooks and gifts, complete with embellishments and room for journaling, made with only premium, acid-free supplies, so your memories will last for generations to come.

    I specialize in creative scrapbook layouts that focus on preserving family memories, such as Baby Showers, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, but if you see a layout you like and want it applied to another theme let me know and I will be happy to work with you to create a customized solution.

    Have questions? Don’t hesitate to Send Me E-Mail and I’ll be happy to help. In fact, my "How Do I Scrap That?" page is based completely on questions from curious scrappers around the globe!

    Happy Scrapping!

    May 07, 2012

    The Choubox Sketch Pad

    The Choubox Sketch Pad... Your resource for free scrapbook layout sketches.

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    May 05, 2012

    Handmade Greeting Cards

    Learn how to make handmade greeting cards!

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    Apr 07, 2012

    New Baby Scrapbook

    Start Scrapbooking with a New Baby Scrapbook

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    Apr 07, 2012

    Scraptionary: Choubox's Scrapbook Dictionary

    Is scrapbooking your new hobby? Then you need a scraptionary! Your #1 source for scrapbook definitions and examples.

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    Apr 07, 2012

    Vote for the Sketch of the Week

    Just a friendly reminder that today is the last day to vote for the Sketch of the Week!! Results so far are pointing to an 8" x 8" two-page layout sketch. If you would like a different sketch, make sure to vote! The format of the sketch can change every week depending on your votes alone!

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    Mar 17, 2012

    Three New Sketches

    Watch for the new Sketch of the Week tomorrow, but in the meantime.... Happy Scrapping!

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    Mar 15, 2012

    Choubox Scrapbook Layout Gallery

    The Choubox Scrapbook Layout Gallery.... Where a Picture Can Spark a Thousand Ideas!

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    Mar 13, 2012

    Latest Sketches

    Hi! If you're wondering, "Where did the new sketches go?", they're on my blog and centered around a baby scrapbook (8.5" x 8.5" format). If you need a sketch for a specific layout format, vote for your favorite to update the Sketch of the Week. Happy Scrapping!

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    Feb 19, 2012

    A Birthday for Two!

    Have twins? Check out this birthday layout!

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    Feb 15, 2012

    Lots of New Sketches

    Thanks to all those who have voted! I'm finally caught up, after having gone on a business trip, and there are four new sketches (6 x 6 and 12 x 12). Happy Scrapping!

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    Jan 16, 2012

    Creative Scrapbook Layouts... Made Easy!

    Choubox makes preserving memories easy with ideas and inspiration for creative scrapbook layouts. All you do is add pictures!

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    Jan 07, 2012

    A Year in the Life - Week 1

    So, I'm a week into my Picture-a-Day challenge and it is well....a challenge. By the end of the day, I usually have a picture to use, but I determined very early on that it's easy to take a picture, but I'm trying to take a picture that is representative of the day....or a tradition of my family.....or something particularly striking. So far, I've taken several pictures of my boys, an incredible sunset, a thermometer and a book. As I've gone through this week, I've also made a list of those things that I could or want to take a picture of. For example, I always have a Starbucks in the morning and my current favorite is a skim cinnamon dolce latte, so I take a picture of the cup every morning....just in case I don't get anything else for the day. Of course, when that actually happens, I'll have to find a new "go to" picture. :-)

    Jan 01, 2012

    Happy New Year!

    The new sketch of the week is up - don't forget to vote!! Happy Scrapping!!

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    Dec 30, 2011

    A Year in the Life

    I'm so excited to start my picture a day project on 1 Jan 2012!!

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    Dec 30, 2011

    2011 Christmas Cards

    I realize it's a little late to be of any help for this year, but maybe these will give you some inspiration for your 2012 cards. Happy Scrapping!!

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    Dec 26, 2011

    Back from....the Other Side of the World

    Hi! I'm sure some of you are wondering whether I fell off the face of the Earth, but in fact, I just traveled to the other side of the Earth. Every now and then, my "real" job takes me to far away places....places I've never been and this is no different. As a result, though, my love for scrapbooking (and being able to post sketches and scrapbook ideas) takes a back seat as I rack up the frequent flyer miles. :-)

    In this particular instance, I spent one week in Little Rock, Arkansas and promptly turned around and spent a week in Seoul, South Korea. I had never been to Asia before and it was a great experience, so I will definitely be going back (when it's warmer)!!

    The good news is....the very long plane ride back allowed me to work on more sketches, so while my plan of handmade card sketches every week during the holidays kind of fell through, there will be more of those and of regular scrapbook pages coming very soon.

    I hope everyone has an excellent holiday season and Happy New Year!!

    Oct 08, 2011

    Wedding Vow Layout

    One of the most common wedding pictures is of the bride and groom's hands, intertwined, with shiny new wedding bands. It's a simple, yet, powerful picture symbolizing their love and new life together.

    The vows spoken during the ceremony are equally powerful and the perfect journaling to accompany the "ring" picture, especially if the vows were written by the bride and groom.

    The layout itself can be need for a huge title or lots of embellishments....the image will "do the talking" with the vows serving as an appropriate complement. The colors you use are up to can use "traditional" wedding scrapbook paper in black and white, go metallic to match your rings (with brads and eyelets to match) or use paper that matches your exact wedding colors.

    You may even want to frame the end product and put it on permanent display in your house as an ever-present reminder of your love for each other.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Oct 03, 2011

    A Twist on The Clothes Pin Game

    We've all played it....whether at a baby or bridal shower. Everyone is handed a clothes pin and you get to take others' when they say the "secret" word. The person with the most clothes pins at the end of event wins. Pretty simple, right? Well, let's kick the "baby shower" version up a notch and make it something you can put in a scrapbook.

    In my twist, everyone at the shower gets a large tag with a ribbon that they can wear like a lanyard. The tag has the baby's name or baby related words on it. Instead of starting out with a clothes pin, everyone starts out with one or two letters on their tag (attached using repositionable adhesive tabs). As you've probably figured out, the goal is to get other people's letters to complete your tag...if they say the "secret" word, you get to take one of their letters. The first person to fill up their tag WINS!!

    The great thing about this version is that everyone gets to take their tag home to scrapbook as a remembrance of the event. Have fun and Happy Scrapping!!

    Oct 02, 2011

    Scrapbook Consistency

    I was asked the other day whether a themed scrapbook has to be consistent from page-to-page. As with all things scrapbook, I truly believe there is no right answer, but here are some guidelines that I go by.....

    Page layouts, with the exception of the Title and Closing pages, should be two-page layouts. This gives you maximum space for pictures and journaling, while focusing on a single topic that allows for a smooth flow in your visual space. Single page layouts are still doable, but, to me, limit what you can put on a page....usually just a few pictures and a title.

    Colors should be as consistent as possible, but it also depends on your pictures. If your pictures allow for the use of a few main colors, with coordinating patterned paper for accent, that will allow for a nice color scheme throughout the scrapbook.

    As for page order, chronological order fits most themes, but you can always mix it up if you think certain items are more important than time-based order.

    Happy Scrapping!!

    Jul 02, 2011

    Breast Cancer Scrapbooking on FB

    There's a great new page on Facebook about Breast Cancer Scrapbooking. Check it out!!

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    Jan 10, 2010

    Scrapbook Challenges: Using Lyrics in Scrapbook Layouts

    It's a Challenge...Using Lyrics in Scrapbook Layouts!

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    Oct 08, 2007

    7 Oct - Sketch of the Week

    Just wanted to let you all know that I haven't forgotten about this week's sketch.

    I just got back from a family wedding and am trying to get back up to speed. This week's sketch will be on the site by this afternoon (oh...and the 12x12 Doubles won the vote this week).

    Happy Scrapping!!

    Sep 04, 2007

    Halloween Scrapbook Layout Colors

    Halloween Scrapbook Layout Colors...Are you a traditionalist or a costume coordinator?

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    Jul 30, 2007

    Valley Forge Review

    Let me just get this off my chest, and I promise I won't mention it again, but next time I consider driving up I-95 in the summer - on a weekend - please stop me. I spent more than eight hours getting to and from Valley Forge.

    So, you're wondering, how was it?...

    Overall, I'd rate it a B. I could never rate (1) an opportunity for "me" time or (2) the opportunity to scrap or shop for scrapbook supplies in peace badly. But, while I made some really great layouts and bought A LOT of really cool scrapbook supplies, I was disappointed that I didn't learn more technique-wise, though it does harden my determination to go to CKU next year for sure!

    Here's a review of the clases:

    A Thing or Two about Boys - This was sponsored by QuikQuotes. This was simply a process of building layouts based on their kits. The one thing that I did get reinforced is a neat way to make slide mounts match your layout.

    LuCKy Girl - This was sponsored by CK and taught by Creating Keepsakes, Managing Editor, Brittany Beattie. We made a little scrapbook of the things were are most grateful for that fit in a little tin. Definitely very cool scrapbook...I see Christmas presents.

    All About Heritage - This was also sponsored by QuikQuotes. Again, it was simply a process of creating layouts. Neat way to do photo corners out of vellum.

    Boys Go Zoom! - This was a class on board books, which I wasn't quite expecting. The board book was made with glossy chipboard - I had been thinking of natural chipboard. But...I did learn a cool way to make photo corners with ribbon.

    You've Been Framed! - This was a class on creating unique frames with your scrapbook supplies. Nothing fancy or complicated, but a super-cool idea!

    10 Things Every Scrapbooker Should Know - This too was taught by Brittany Beattie and was full of great little tips that "every scrapbooker should know," such's OK to scraplift, it's OK to take LOTs of pictures and more!

    Keep it Simple, Make it Quick, Get it Done with Metropolis - It's a really long title and was set as a two-hour class, but as the title states, it was simple. In fact, too simple for my liking at the time. I wanted to be challenged, but instead I was given a pack of Scenic Route scrapbook supplies with instructions to make four two-page layouts. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about great supplies, but I wanted to learn something different and quickly realized that wasn't going to happen. So, about an hour in, I decided to pack up and hit the road.

    Another year is done and I look forward to what next year will bring in my scrapbook education!

    Jul 26, 2007

    Valley Forge (Part Deux)

    I'm heading out this afternoon for my second Creating Keepsakes Convention. Much like last year, I've loaded up on classes (I've always liked school). To be specific, I'm taking the following:

    A Thing or Two about Boys
    LuCKy Girl
    All About Heritage
    Boys Go Zoom!
    You’ve Been Framed!
    10 Things Every Scrapbooker Should Know
    Keep it Simple, Make it Quick, Get it Done with Metropolis

    While my true goal is to make it to CKU one day, my experience last year was incredible and I learned so much (and came back with so many scrapbook supplies...I'm still digging out of that pile). Just keep your fingers crossed that the power doesn't go out!!

    I will report back as soon as I get home on Saturday evening and share with all of you what I've learned.

    Happy Scrapping!

    Jul 23, 2007

    Chou Store: Quality Scrapbook Supplies

    Welcome to The Chou Store!! Your source for quality scrapbook supplies.

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    Jul 18, 2007

    Choubox Articles: Digital Scrapbook Layout Templates

    Looking to simplify your digital scrapping life?... Try your hand at digital scrapbook layout templates.

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    Jul 15, 2007

    Chou Store: Choubox Digital Scrapbook Layout Templates

    Digital scrapbooking is a breeze with Choubox Digital Scrapbook layout Templates!!

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    Jul 11, 2007

    Choubox Articles: How to Use a Digital Scrapbook Template

    A quick an easy guide for how to use a digital scrapbook template!

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    Jul 05, 2007

    Choubox Sketch Pad: 8x8 Scrapbook Layout Sketches

    8x8 Scrapbook Layout Sketches... Perfect for Beginner Scrappers

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